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If you want some great headshots you’re going to get them if you go to Ashly… She has a great eye, very patient, will get you the shots you wanted..and give you ones you may not have thought about , which is always a bonus … I really liked it cause I wanted outside shots in natural light and I wanted some that showed physique not just close and I got exactly what I wanted, she knows her stuff..knows lighting , knows how to get you in right frame of mind to get the look you need..her experience is a great asset …

Whatever look you’re going for she’s going to help you find it...

highly recommend.


Okay, so this is not my first time working with Ashly Covington, and it definitely won’t be my last.  Ashly and I have known each other for some time now, however I didn’t get any headshots done with her until maybe a little less than a year ago.  Not for any reason necessary just because our schedules never lined up, but when we did, she worked her magic!  Long story short, I won’t be going to anyone else.  The first two times we shot, it was just the two of us and we got amazing headshots then. Per her suggestion this last time, I added a Hair and Makeup Artist named Diahann McCrary.  I was a little skeptical, because I felt like I could always get my hair right and didn’t need much make up, but heck I was wrong!  It was no surprise the shots looked amazing because of Ashly, but my skin glowed, my hair was always spot on, my entire look was completely touched up!  Oh and did I mention that Diahann also went out and bought me a full wardrobe to work with the one that I brought?  She went out of her way and took time from her busy schedule to not only shop for me but also coordinate colors with her purchased wardrobe to my own.  Ashly and Diahann are amazing, and if you were like me and thought you don’t need a stylist, you’re dead wrong.  Go with Ashly and Diahann for your next headshot session, not only will it get you into castings and seen by cd’s but it’s also affordable and worth every penny (and much more).  So get on it!

I’m a director. I loathe being photographed and yet I am asked on a regular basis for my headshots. Ashly had to pull out every trick in the book to get me in front of the camera. But she did. And it was very easy and quick. And to boot,  I friggin’ LOVE the images she took of me. She has a gift for photographing. And a gift for difficult people with complicated image issues. Book her


I've had the pleasure of getting my last few headshots done by Ashly at Covington Imagery. She’s simply great: Superb photos and photo editing, funny and friendly, and a great website delivery system, to boot!
But wait!….there’s MORE!
DIAHANN! Why?? Why did I ever do headshots without her before?  This stylist, make-up artist, and all-around-PRO of a person has become a part of Ashly’s team, and I can’t wait to work with the duo again. Diahann went shopping for me and added a ton of looks that my caveman brain would never have considered.  Then she made me all pretty. She’s a must.
These two CARE, and you feel that the moment you walk in the door.  Their personalities will infect your work in the best of ways!  You could be a complete stranger at the beginning of the shoot, and you'll be joking and laughing like old friends by the end. They have a deft way of putting you at ease, which results in great shots! Real human beings! In LA!
Why are you still reading this? Go book a session now.

I loooved shooting with Ashly! She makes it so fun and truly cares about every aspect of her client's experience. Because she understands what it's like in front of the camera as well, she is able to help her clients feel free and comfortable, and the unique 'realness' of each person is able to shine through. I highly recommend her as a photographer and as a person!!


Chad Cuervo

I had THE best time with Ashly! She's hilarious first of all and totally in love with her job. Her passion andenergy are palpable. This barely felt like work or "getting my headshots done." Instead felt like two friends hanging out and one of them happens to know how to use a camera. She wasn't barking orders or telling me how SHE wanted to the pics to look: it was a TEAM effort. That was one of the best things about this; she'dsay what she thinks, I'd say mine, and boom we combine them. I watched a master at work: she knew exactly what she was doing and was game for anything. This was a stress-free and relaxed environment. No other photographer I've worked has been as personable, engaging, collaborative, colorful, and fun as she is. I've been recommending (forcing*) my friends to see her. I'll be asking for her help every time I need new headshots.

It was an absolute pleasure getting to shoot such fun photography with you both!! I love how you easily rolled with ideas on the fly, were open to my thoughts and most of all, your DIRECTION!! You make it so easy to model and look amazing. I'm insanely impressed by the shots we got! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I have never liked getting headshots. I always feel plastic, in a fake pose with an even faker smile. I hated doing them. Ashly changed all that though -- I had an amazing time shooting with Ashly! She creates a comfortable environment, allows me to be myself, and makes it possible to be vulnerable in front of the lens. We were able to work on-location and in studio to achieve a variety of different looks. Most importantly, Ashly will not let the shoot be limited with a one-look-fits-all mentality. Everyone is unique. Also, who doesn't wanna have some extra cuddles from her fuzzy meow meow friends? You go, Ashly! I am going to work my ass off with these pictures out there no doubt.


I've been shooting with Ashly for years, but my last session with her was, by far, the best!  Diahann did my hair & makeup (and is also an amazing stylist) and it was seriously the best I think I've looked w/ both natural and high fashion.  We had the music going and Ashly & Diahann were so great at communication.  Our conversation put me at ease & made it feel like I was on a shoot w/ some of my best girlfriends.  I think you can totally see it in the shots Ashly got out of me, too!  These two women are the best team you could ask for.  I have to say the worst part of my experience was choosing which shot I wanted! And if that's the worst part of my experience then I'm happy. :D I'd highly recommend Ashly for shots of any kind! She rocks & is totally affordable for the amount of great pics you'll get!


Ashly's headshots procured me several auditions within the first week and have continued to help me get into new offices. She's very attentive as both a human being and photographer and knows both sides of the camera, which gives her a sense of understanding and brings and ease in the process.
She is also a good listener that drives to give you what you want & need.


She's fun to work with!!

If you're an actor I know you dread your annual headshot session. It's so much WORK and stress! That's why, when I found these two, I knew I'd be back. They made me feel so welcome, accepted, and relaxed. I must shoot was actually fun. I'm, surprisingly, looking forward to the next one. 


Don Boughton


Ashly is smart, energetic, and professional. She created a fun, relaxing environment that enabled me to open up. The session was great fun and produced an abundant variety of choices. She chose settings, light and compositions that showcased my range from slightly loopy to confident CEO. I could have thrown darts at the options offered and hit a satisfying headshot each time.

The prints have pop and smell like money.

Ashly is amazing. I had a hard time choosing my favorite since there were so many perfect choices. In fact, I am still in the process of picking more. I highly recommend her to any actors in need of shots. Superior service and results for very reasonable rates. She knows how to get genuine personality shots while still giving tips for looking your best. I will use her as my first choice for new headshots over and over and over again.

Michelle Kepner

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